2019 In Review

To encompass this whole year feels pretty impossible. There's no way I could describe it all, or even pick out all my favorite images (there are *waaaaaaay* too many). So I decided to do something a little simpler this year. Here's our 2019, by the numbers:

40 couples, from 6 different countries.

55 shoots.

9 states.

7 National Parks. 

10 State parks. 

53,000 miles driven

8 flights.

2 new cameras

187,000 photos edited 

4 vacations 

an ungodly amount of coffee

It felt simultaneously like the biggest, most wonderful year yet, and like we would never survive it. 

We became better at understanding who we are, what we bring to each wedding, what we’re good at, what we’re okay with *not* being good at. 

We got better at being vulnerable. We made peace with being introverts in an extroverted industry. We went back to therapy. We became better stewards of the wilderness & outdoors. We got better at photography. We got better at listening. We hit the trails, and then we hit them again. We bought *a lot* of outdoor equipment. We taught a little and learned much more. We had clients transform into friends.

and most importantly, we met and photographed some utterly amazing, amazing people. 

Here’s one photo of all of them. <3 

And because you made it so far, here's a photo of us! Taken by the awesome Film & Forest, who we finally had the chance to meet this past fall.

Here's to frickin 2020, may she blow your socks off!

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