Adventure Mt Baker Engagement Session

These two came all the way from Boston for a sweet, last minute engagement session adventure on the gorgeous slopes of Mt Baker. They were planning a very simple, short and sweet elopement back home for the month after their session, and they wanted a fun day adventuring in the mountains to get some beautiful portraits together while they were on a celebration trip to the PNW. We knew exactly the spot to take them for maximum sunset awe & pretty unparalleled views! We had this gorgeous spot all to ourselves for the whole evening, and this day and the photos that came from it are some of my favorite from the whole of 2020. Wendy & Young were upfront from the very beginning that they're pretty shy and introverted folks (which, same.) and they were so happy and relieved that they had found a photographer who would let them just relax, be their quiet selves, and soak up all the views together. Working with couples of all types & levels of outgoing-ness is really important to us, and introverts often feel left behind in the big, emotional, and loud world of wedding photography, so I was so happy they felt comfortable and found they could relax & be themselves on this day.

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