Backpacking Engagement Session on Mt Rainier

Every now and again, we run across some couples who feel like we've known them for years, even when we've just met. Kimi and Derek, from the time we chatted with them over the phone in their adorable Nashville home to the time we met up with them on the slopes of Mt Rainier, somehow felt like old friends who we were seeing again. They love to backpack together, it's pretty much their favorite activity, so they decided to have their engagement photos taken during their backpacking trip to Rainier! We met up with them the evening before their big trip to hike out of Paradise. These two are true adventurers, and they have such a wonderful, down-for-anything attitude. They forded creeks, walked on snow banks barefoot, changed outfits in the woods, and rocked their bright packs over their formal clothes like nobody's business.

They snuck some chocolate chip cookies out of the Paradise Hotel, snacked on some champagne & sour patch kids (their favorite hiking snack), and we hiked around with gorgeous views of the Tatoosh Range while we waited for Mt. Rainier to pop out of the clouds. We loved the idea of doing a backpacking engagement session, and we'd love to try the idea out for more couples who are up for an overnight camping adventure! We loved hanging out with these guys so, so much, and we're so stoked to meet up with them again in a few months, this time at the Grand Canyon for their backpacking honeymoon adventures!!

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