Backyard Brunch Wedding in Coeur D’Alene Idaho

Where to start on this awesome wedding? Ok. First of all, there were tons of cute fluffy dogs and pancakes. So you already have my heart right there. This backyard wedding was held in the groom's parents backyard on a wheat farm. It was a sunny, brunch wedding filled with Stephanie and Jesse's favorite people and lots of laughter and good food. Stephanie and Jesse are such kind, loving people full of joy and deep devotion for each other and had everyone in tears by the end of their ceremony. Their two daughters and their dog Toby (the absolute bundle of fluffy wonder below) were the members of the bridal party, and the florals were done by the groom's sister. We were so happy and grateful to hang out with such kind, intentional, and loving folks on their wedding day, and we definitely ate our weight in Stephanie's freaking amazing baked goods. 

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