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Honest & Adventuresome Wedding Imagery

I had an itch one sunny Saturday afternoon about a month ago to get out of my comfort zone and make something a little unique. So I called up Tori Osteraa, who besides being gorgeous, is also an uber talented photographer human that I’ve had the good fortune of befriending over the past year, and we played around in the back yard with some flowers and a simple blue backdrop. I wanted to try and create beautiful portraits without relying on couples and gorgeous scenery (which, don’t get me wrong, is my absolute wheelhouse that I adore), but I wanted to stretch myself a little with this one. It’s so important to remember to get out and stretch your art and your brain, do something a bit weird from time to time. I shot almost the entire evening on film, and didn’t take a lot of duplicates on my digital camera, which was kind of nerve-wracking, but the film scans were even better than I could have hoped for!


Film Scans by The Find Lab