Campground Wedding at Riverside State Park, Spokane WA

Every once in a while, I am lucky enough to witness something incredible at doing this job I love so much. I've been to *a lot* of weddings and every wedding and every couple is their own kind of awesome, and there's always so much joy and positivity. I frankly believe that weddings are some of the best events on this lil planet we call home. They bring out the best in people, in love stories, in communities. If you were to ask me what my ideal wedding would be, I would say this: two people who are truly, actually and deeply in love and are just throwing a helluva party to celebrate it with all their favorite people.  

Let's just say this wedding is probably about as close to my Platonic idea of weddings as physically possible. These two people have such a passion and a deep love for each other that really makes any attempts to describe it on my end feeble and fake sounding. It's something you just know when you see, and it was an absolute privilege to document this day. Throughout the process, they just insisted that I took pictures of whatever I found intriguing and meaningful. No shot lists, no pinterest boards. They literally gave me free reign over anything and everything and that trust meant so much to me.

And holy cow, you guys. The kindness, the care-free attitudes, the glamping details, the deep devotion and kick-ass margaritas, but most of all: the love. If I could shoot weddings this amazing and this heartfelt and this madly cool every frigging weekend, I'd probably be dead from the happiness.


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