Couples Session in Iller Creek, Spokane WA

Every now and again, I organize a shoot that’s just for me. It’s got no purpose other than to kick back, try new techniques, and get out of my comfort zone. I’d hiked up to this gorgeous lookout at Iller Creek about a month before and I knew I had to get back to the spot and shoot something there, so I asked the lovely Hannah and her cute hubs if they’d be willing to give me the evening for some photos. However, if you’ve ever been up to Iller Creek or in the Dishman Hills area, you know that there are a lot of trails, and pretty much none of them are marked. So, we got more than a little lost on our way up to this viewpoint, but we found it eventually (and now I’ve got the route down!).

Whenever I can, I love shooting married couples. I just find that folks who have been together for a long time have this beautiful, free-flowing chemistry that makes my job so fun, and this natural physical interaction from a place of confidence between two people who are not only in love, but accustomed to being in love. After years of existing so closely together, there’s no uncertainty between them, and it’s such a fun thing to witness. I gotta say, for all these two worried that they would be awkward in front of the camera, they are pretty stinking cute together. If you ever need some models, don’t listen to their pleas that they are not photogenic, because it is ALL LIES.

Spokane Engagement Photographer - Forthright Photo Spokane Engagement Photo Iller Creek Engagement Session - Forthright Photo Spokane engagement photographer - Forthright Photo Iller Creek Couples Session in Spokane Washington Iller Creek Engagement Photo by Forthright Photo Photo of a couple in Iller Creek Conservation area in Spokane WA at sunset. Taken by Forthright Photo

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