Eastern Sierras Elopement in Mammoth Lakes CA

Alright y'all! This Eastern Sierras elopement is an all-time fricking favorite, so you can prepare yourselves for a long one. Sara and Robin drove over the mountains from San Francisco and had a stunning destination elopement in the Eastern Sierra Mountains outside of Mammoth Lakes, CA. We're pretty darn obsessed with these two, and we're only sad they live all the way in California, because otherwise we'd be constantly scheming to hang out with them again. Few people can feel like immediate, effortless friends (hello introvert problems), but we just hit it off immediately with these guys. From a cat with the same name as ours to their fellow nerdy love of Avatar and Stuff You Should Know, we just loved getting to know two people who are just as excited about the natural world and the geeky side of life as we are. Also, did I mention they are possibly the smartest people I've ever met? They met while attending MIT and Robin just finished his Phd in genetics! Like, dudes. So. stinking. smart.

I loved everything about this Eastern Sierras elopement and how these two incorporated everything that felt personal and meaningful to them (like a customized tea ceremony and an incredibly cool blue wedding dress) and nothing that didn't. We did a gorgeous hike in the John Muir wilderness up to an incredible high alpine lake, and although being at 10,000ft certainly made this hike feel a bit harder than usual, everyone handled it like champions! Devon formally officiated their ceremony (i.e. signed the paperwork), while they wrote their own vows and ceremony that was so sweet I was definitely hiding misty eyes behind my camera. We finished up with a good break for some tea, champagne, portraits around the lake, and took some star photos on the drive home.

We are always incredible grateful for couples who trust us to capture entirely new locations and give us a reason to explore places we've never been before, and we fell so hard for the entire Mammoth Lakes and Bishop region! We are already daydreaming of going back. So thank you a million to these two for trusting us with their elopement day so fully, giving us some new instant friends, and a destination we are now obsessed with.

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