Epic North Cascades to Puget Sound Elopement

Makeup Artist: Anne Timss

Flowers: Busara Floral

Wow guys, I hope you are settled in and ready for an epic blog post! I know I say this about every post (sorry) but this elopement was such a gorgeous, one of a kind, epic day. And, I refuse to give you beautiful people any less than all of my very favorite images from Abbie & Johnson's incredible North Cascades to Puget Sound elopement, even if it means a helluva long blog post. These two wanted an epic, full day adventure for their elopement together. While the coronavirus meant postponing their big traditional wedding in Thailand for at least another year, they wanted to celebrate in epic style with just the two of them.

So they decided on an amazing elopement full of all the things they love to do together. They had TWO whole wedding outfits (hell yes), two incredible locations, and a whole lot of smiles and happy tears. They met up with us on a drizzly, foggy morning deep in the north cascades before sunrise. We were all crossing all our fingers that the sunny forecast would actually arrive, and we debated calling off the hike altogether. However, when we decided to head for the top of the hike despite the gloom, we juuuust managed to pop out above the clouds and into the morning sun!

Getting to the top of such a huge inversion layer is a pretty rare and incredible experience, and though it wasn't the completely clear day that we were hoping for, the fog and cloud-capped peaks were an incredible sight to behold. They said their vows on what felt like the very top of the world, before warming up with some coffee & elopement breakfast on their very stylish Pendleton blanket. Abbie was out of this world gorgeous with her incredible gown, insanely gorgeous bouquet. They had their first dance next to a fire lookout with a gorgeous view of Mt Baker before heading back down through the misty clouds to the car.

We took a well deserved nap, and headed out to their second part of their elopement day! A few hours away by car, the beautiful coastline of the San Juan Islands, with views across the Puget Sound of Victoria, the Olympic Mountains, Mt Rainier, and even Mount Baker, where we had been just a few hours earlier! The sunset across the water was an out of this world light show, and the golden hour light was insanely beautiful. We set up a pretty amazing elopement picnic on a nearby picnic table, complete with delicious cake, plenty of champagne, and macaroons. Abbie & Johnson walked along the shore together as the sun went down, admiring the mountains, the ocean, and along with plenty of gorgeous sea birds, and we even saw a whole family of otters! A pretty rare sight, they all swam by to give their congratulations as well. While it's not a combination of locations we typically see, I loved that Abbie & Johnson decided on both mountains & ocean for their day and we were able to make it happen! There's something so magical about the combo, and this North Cascades to Puget Sound elopement plan is definitely something I'd love to do again in the future!

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