Glacier National Park, Montana Trip


Sometimes life gets wild and you forget to edit any photos from an ill-fated, cut-short, rainy as hell road trip to Glacier NP.

Long story short, we were on the road home from Rachel & Zach’s wonderful wedding in Livingston, Montana, and we decided to make a detour to Glacier National Park. After all, it’s (sort of) on the way home! So we nabbed a campsite online, and headed towards Glacier. However, the entire two days we were there, it was a torrential, cloudy downpour. The last time we were in Glacier was 7 years ago (back before I took any decent landscape photos, sorry guys) so since we’d seen many of the sights in the sunshine before, it was actually pretty fun to see it in such moody weather! It was a lot more like the PNW and far more devoid of crowds than our first trip through. We even saw a moose, a few black bears, and a grizzly bear! We ended up leaving a tad early due to a family emergency back home, and that eclipsed any photos from our trip for a long while. Between juggling emergencies and client work, the photos from our trip got dumped onto a hard drive and I completely forgot about them. That is, until I was going through all our archives looking for landscape photos for our print shop!! Then I re-discovered them, waiting patiently to be edited & looked through. So here’s a little bonus trip post for you guys! It’s pretty short, because the trip itself was pretty short, but Glacier is always top of our list of National Parks to return to, particularly because we’ve gotten so much better at long distance hiking!