Grand Canyon Trip

Heya, this is the follow-up, second part of our trip to the Grand Canyon! These are all our favorite photos we took while hiking and scouting around the area. We were in the area to capture a really wonderful, epic Adventure Wedding session with some our favorite people, but here are all our personal photos from the trip. We absolutely loved the Grand Canyon during our visit, despite the insane weather we experienced, and we cannot wait to go back and backpack through the canyon someday. It was our first trip there actually hiking down into the canyon (I'd only visited the North Rim as a very little kid, and Devon had never been!) and it was completely different in the winter than I was anticipating.

I already wrote an absolutely insanely essay about this trip on our other post, so be sure to check that out! After we finished up shooting with Kimi and Derek, we had another few days in the canyon to hike around. Our favorite trails we did were the Rim Trail loop, Yaki Point, and the first half of the South Kaibab trail, which we hiked all the way to Cedar Ridge. We enjoyed some quality top ramen on our camp stove at the end of our hike to Cedar Ridge with nobody but the crows and the wide open views for company before reluctantly heading back to the PNW. We loved it here so much, and we are constantly dreaming about going back and introducing this place to other couples who will fall in love with its other worldly beauty as much as we did.

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