So, you're planning your elopement, wedding, or your adventure session with us. Yay! Congrats! It's gonna be such an amazing adventure and we can hardly wait. But you're sitting in your living room surrounded by piles of stuff and wondering what you actually probably need to bring, right? Here's a handy checklist we made up for all the folks who are gonna be going on hikes with us, so that you don't forgot anything at a home! Devon & I also keep a lot of back-ups, spares, and extras of equipment and supplies on hand though, just in case you do. 😉

You can copy & paste this list and add your own items to it that you don't see on here (additional equipment or medications you need to bring with you, etc.) to make your own, personalized packing list for your own adventure. We made this list with steep, remote mountain hikes in mind, so if you're headed to the beach or the front-country with us, you'll probably have a much smaller list of essentials! For more information on what you should bring into the backcountry, check out the 10 Essentials.

Hiking Adventure Session Checklist (for October through June)

-plenty of water for the both of you

-sturdy hiking boots or shoes with good grip

-change of clothes (if you want to change into fancier clothes after hiking)

-warm, waterproof jacket

-flashlights or headlamps

-leggings (for wearing under your outfit! They are lifesavers in the cold)

-microspikes (if we’ll be encountering snow or ice)

-trekking poles


-warm socks

-some snacks

Hiking Elopement/Wedding Checklist (for October through June)

-plenty of water for the both of you

-some snacks

-sturdy hiking boots or shoes with good grip

-wedding outfits (veil, gown, jewelry, accessories, undergarments, shoes, -wedding suit (boutinierre, cufflinks, pants, shirt, vest, tie, bowtie, suspenders, shoes, etc.)

-leggings or longjohns (for under your fancy formal-wear! They are lifesavers in the cold)

-warm, waterproof jacket

-hiking clothes




-marriage license

-trekking poles (if you own them)

-microspikes (if we’ll be encountering any kind of snow or ice)

-warm socks


-flashlights or headlamps

Hiking with us in July-September?

You can ditch the microspikes, gloves, & trekking poles  since we *likely* won’t be encountering any snow or ice, but here’s what you’ll want to bring instead:


bug repellent

and extra water! 

If you're bringing your pups, remember to pack:


-extra water for your pups

-doggie bags to clean up after them

Want more help planning for your hiking elopement, making a customized checklist, or figuring out what to pack? You can always email us or send us a message & we'll walk you through it together!

Happy wandering friends, we'll see you soon.

Laura & Devon