Lisbon, Portugal Trip

So a few weeks ago, my sister and I were toying with the idea of taking a sister's trip. We've always wanted to do one, but the circumstances the past few years meant that we kept putting it off. And then suddenly, we realized that we had a few weeks free on the calendar and I suggested that we finally go for it! We were tossing around some different ideas, I suggested going to Hawaii (because I love Hawaii), but we were kinda thinking about trying something new. I remembered that my friend had just moved to Lisbon, so I jokingly suggested "Let's go to Portugal!" and Candice was like "Hell yeah, let's go to Portugal." she bought the tickets, did all the research, and suddenly we were headed to Portugal! Which I was kinda stressed out by, I love to plan all the details of my travel, so the idea of going on a spontaneous trip to Europe was really stressful.

But, Devon talked me down off my trip-anxiety ledge, we went, everything went amazing, and Candice and I loved it. Part way through the trip, I met up with my sweet friends for a cute sunset session along the beach. All of the Lisbon area was amazing, and it was really awesome to be able to dust off my Portuguese (everyone was super sweet about my terrible accent) and enjoy the gorgeous coastline, amazing castles, and out-of-this-world delicious food. We will definitely be back, and there are so many backpacking trails along the coast I'm dying to explore more of!

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