Adventure Mountain Engagement Session in Leavenworth, WA

Sometimes this wonderful job just gives me the coolest people to get to know. From the minute Courtney's email hit our inbox, I knew I'd found a good friend. We hopped on a quick phone call to talk about their engagement session and I think we talked for like 4 hours?? About everything from sea turtles (my favorite animal) to life in Courtney's native Florida to all the Washington scenery I was excited to show her and Taylor to how snowshoeing works and what a pika is (they're the world's most adorable animal, if you were wondering). Taylor, Courtney's fiancé, is from Washington, so she was really excited to show her babe around and get out in the beautiful mountain scenery! This Leavenworth engagement session was such a gorgeous day, we completely lucked out with the weather.

I've been emailing back and forth with these two wonderful people for months and we were so, so excited to finally meet them in person! While we had plans to shoot their formal engagement session in Leavenworth, Courtney was planning a reciprocal proposal at Taylor's favorite place, the Woodland Park Zoo! So we snuck into the zoo before they arrived & hid behind some bamboo by the gorilla exhibit (Taylor's favorite animal!) while Courtney proposed.

For their engagement session, we met up at our very favorite lil mountain coffee stand, Argonaut Coffee, before heading down a forestry road to wander through the gorgeous mountain scenery. We goofed off, played some Lizzo, and had an amazing time. (there's a bonus photo with Simon at the bottom of this post, because I think they're the only other people besides Devon that are as obsessed with him as I am?? I'm telling you, these babes are my people). This was the last session we had the chance to shoot before the coronavirus lockdown, but I'm so happy it was this one! The mountains were out in stunning full force for the first day in months, and it was incredibly fun to meet Courtney and Taylor, their family, and finally get to see them in person after so many months of emailing! It's safe to say I LITERALLY CANNOT wait for their elopement in 2021.

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