Mt Baker Winter Backpacking Elopement

This Mt Baker winter backpacking elopement with Katie & Aaron was a huge highlight of the past month. After a year of rescheduling and postponing, we finally got to meet them in person! We had originally planned to photograph their elopement on Mt St Helens in 2020. These two work incredibly hard in the ER and ICU as amazing healthcare workers, so naturally during the beginning of the pandemic, they decided the safest option was a backyard zoom ceremony last year, and we shelved our plans for their beautiful day of photos until things were a little safer & less crazy. We went back and forth on a few ideas we could do for an overnight trip, and they decided that camping on the snow up at Mt Baker as an incredible way to celebrate their one year anniversary and capture some beautiful photos of them together. Katie had never even gone snowshoeing before, much less snow camping, but she approached the new adventure head on and tackled it like a total pro. Seriously, these two are just so impressive. Since they are moving away from the PNW soon, this was one of their last backpacking trips here (and boy, they have done a lot!). We met up in the evening at the trailhead, intending to hike up to the ridgeline for the night, but the low-hanging clouds and incoming snow meant that we stayed the night at a lower elevation that was a bit safer & less miserable weather. They enjoyed some trail beers, some charcuterie, and some nice hot food to warm up as night fell over the mountains. We took some photos of them in their wedding outfits as the snow fell, complete with a dress that Katie had bought just 2 days before off the rack at Brides for a Cause. We all snuggled down into our tents on the snow for the night, and woke up at 4am to clear, beautiful skies! We headed up to the viewpoint of Mt. Baker and had the whole place to ourselves for a while. The colors were incredible, the light was amazing, and even though it was insanely cold and windy, we all had a fantastic time. After we hiked down, we said our goodbyes & they gave us a huuuuge tupperware chock full of homemade pastries for our drive home, which was incredibly sweet.

We’ve been wanting to do more overnight trips with clients for elopements, and this Mt Baker winter backpacking elopement was SO MUCH FUN! If your ideal wedding day consists of sleeping out under the stars & tromping around the mountains at 4am for sunrise, come say hi because we are 1000% down!

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