Adventure Wedding on Mt Spokane, Spokane WA

My love for Mt. Spokane is the world's worst kept secret, by which I mean that it's not a secret, like, at all. I love to shoot here, and always keep returning for exactly reasons like this session. No matter how many times we wander around this seemingly innocuous mountain top, there is always new wonders, trails, hidden corners, and glorious shades of sunset that we've somehow never seen before. It's a true treasure trove, and I love this place so much, so we'll pretty much never get tired of shooting here.

Alena & Jayden knew right from the start that on their wedding day proper, they'd want time to hang out with their family and not be taking photos for hours. They're pretty shy and their wedding was small, so they wanted to make sure they wouldn't be the center of attention all day. This was way back when I was just beginning to test out the idea of Adventure Weddings and they seemed like the perfect couple for it. I suggested the possibility of divvying up their wedding day & their portrait time and they loved the idea! So naturally, when Alena & Jayden requested someplace beautiful, outdoors, and a little reminiscent of Jayden's home in New Zealand that was still somewhat close to Spokane for their wedding portraits in the days following their backyard wedding, Mt Spokane is what immediately came to mind.

And boy, it really pulled out all the stops for these adorable newlyweds and their Mt Spokane wedding photos. We found a gloriously abandoned staircase leading to a backwoods warming cabin, wandered around and admired the far off peaks of Washington and Idaho on a magnificent, clear evening, and took a lot of polaroids! They'd received a polaroid camera as a wedding gift & wanted a few of themselves and each other, so we had a lot of fun figuring out the distinctly low-fi quirks of polaroid cameras while enjoying the sunset.

On the way back down the road after we said our goodbyes, the sunset was still so stunning that I made Devon pull over and we took a good photo of ourselves in one of our favorite places, so if you scroll aaaaalll the way down, there's a bonus photo of us!

Laura & Devon at the top of Mt. Spokane at sunset! Image by Forthright Photo

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