North Cascades Vow Renewal

We spoke with these two in 2020 about eloping, but life intervened, and they decided to postpone their photos for another year, while wedding privately at home. In the meantime, life happened and they welcomed their baby girl to the world! However, if you thought that would deter them from their original plans of exchanging their vows to each other on an amazing mountain top, you would be wrong. I have never been more impressed by two humans, who brought the whole family, their baby girl, as well as their fluffy boy Baker, with them to the mountains to say their vows & and somehow looked absolutely gorgeous and effortless doing so, wrangling baby chaos, dog chaos, trail chaos, and made it look so easy. It is so clear they are deeply in love with each other and their baby girl, and we got some incredible, incredible sunset views on one of my all-time favorite hikes as well.

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