Olympic Coast Engagement Session

Kelsey & Matt chose probably our favorite beach in all of Washington for their engagement photos, tucked away in a secluded part of Olympic National Park. It's a hike-in only spot in a remote area, which begins with a gorgeous walk through coastal forest and lush green moss covered trees, blankets of ferns, and a gorgeous salty hazy mist rolling in from off the sea. This trail is always a fun one because although pretty short, it does get incredibly muddy! We always give folks a heads up about the mud, but there's really nothing that can prepare you for it, and it's always hilarious when people realize that we were not exaggerating: the mud is literally shin deep on parts of the trail! Once we get to the beach, you can always wash off most of the mud anyway. 😉

That morning, we packed up the car, caught the ferry out to the Olympic Peninsula, and drove out to the very edge of the state. One of my favorite things about the Peninsula is how its weather is almost always some strange opposite from weather near Seattle. On this particular day, it was gray, cloudy, rainy, windy, and cold. I was pretty worried about a beach shoot in such gross conditions, but I needn't have been, because by the time we met up with these two for their Olympic Coast engagement session, the skies above were blue, the breeze was warm, and it was a gorgeous evening all along the coast.

After we made it to the beach, we clambered about the amazing sea stacks, fought off some particularly ferocious sand flies, admired the huge winter swells coming in (from a safe distance), and finished the evening off with some fun champagne showers before hiking back as dusk set in.

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