Let’s start with the where of your shoot: the location! Consider what beautiful places are most meaningful to you, or a place you've wanted to explore but haven't had a chance yet. Don’t be afraid to throw out the rulebook and think of an unconventional location. We love out of the way, beautiful outdoor settings, and if you're having trouble thinking of a location, or you have a dream but no idea where to start looking, please don't hesitate to ask! We've got lots of amazing spots up our sleeve and we're always happy to share.

If you're hoping to find some beautiful trails & areas to explore, we recommend doing a little research on AllTrails or Google Earth! You can find some amazing gems that way, or you can check out some of our favorite spots we've written about on the blog.

What To Expect

If you are curious what the experience will be like & are perhaps kinda nervous, be sure check out the guide we put together on what to expect from having your photos taken!


Firstly, we want to really stress that every couple is different, and what makes one person feel amazing & confident is not universal! Our biggest priority is to make sure you feel comfy and awesome, so wear whatever makes you feel that way. While there are definitely no hard and fast outfit rules, we get asked quite a lot for outfit advice, here are some general tips we've compiled over the years:

Don’t be afraid to get fancy if you want! Pull out all the stops if you're super stoked about it! If you're not sure if you want more formal wear or a comfy casual, we can always shoot a blend of both. We usually tell folks to bring one outfit you'd wear to a cute & casual coffeeshop, and one fancy outfit. If you want, feel free to bring a few extra outfits along and we can always pick our favorites! While we might not use all the outfits you bring, it does give us options to work with. Most importantly: wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. And pack a good pair of walking shoes, because we'll definitely be moving around! 😉

Tips on What to (Probably) Avoid:

cargo pants, sneakers or flipflops, fluorescent or neon colors, hoodies or teeshirts, camo print, large logos

Some Good Closet Staples:

dress shoes or ankle boots, neutral or solid colors, button up shirt, dinner jacket, dark jeans, cocktail or day dress


If you're a bit on the fence or feeling stressed about looking your best: consider having your hair and makeup done for the shoot. Is it a must? Not at all. But it's a great stress reliever to trust your beauty routine to a professional. If you aren’t a real glam kind of person, a good artist will make sure that you still feel like yourself. If you're interested in hiring a makeup artist & wondering where to start, here's a list of some talented, down to earth folks we know & love:


If dapper is more your style (or it's your babe's style and you'd like to match them), consider going with a dinner jacket as opposed to a simple button up. Secondly: accessorize! Pull out that fancy watch, that bad ass hat, those cool cufflinks somebody gave you and you never have an excuse to wear, your favorite bowtie, you get the idea. If you're looking for some stand-out options, we've had great luck sourcing some awesome menswear from the following places:

ASOS    H&M     Vintage & Thrift Stores

And, Finally

If you're more of a visuals person & looking for some examples of what to wear, you can always check out our Pinterest boards! They have a lot of great outfit & location inspiration. If you have any questions, confusions, concerns, or simply want to ideas off of someone, feel free to message us. We’re happy to help you find whatever makes you feel like the best, most kick-ass version of you.


Laura & Devon