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Seattle Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Bride and groom kissing at sunset on Shi Shi beach for their elopement. Image by Forthright Photo

Down to Earth Pricing

We know from personal experience, it can be overwhelming to find a photographer, and lots of folks don't list their pricing publicly. So because we have dream to make wedding planning a little less mysterious, frustrating, and head-ache inducing all around, we keep all our prices online, all out in the open for everyone.

All our packages include two photographers, location scouting and suggestions, online gallery, full resolution files, unlimited downloads, and printing rights.


Who It's For:
Couples who are planning an intimate celebration in a beautiful place in the outdoors, surrounded by only their nearest and dearest, or just the two of them in a private ceremony.

Package Options:
Laura & Devon shooting for 8hrs - $3,000
Laura & Devon shooting for 6hrs - $2,500
Laura & Devon shooting for 4hrs - $2,000

Adventure Weddings

Who It's For:

Couples torn between the revelry of a traditional wedding and the intimate experience of an elopement.

How It Works:

We shoot your full wedding day, just like we normally would. On a separate day, we head to a dream location and spend two hours taking your wedding portraits in the beautiful outdoors.

Package Options:

Laura & Devon Shooting 8hrs + 2hrs - $3800
Laura & Devon Shooting 6hrs + 2hrs - $3200


Who It's For:

Couples who have found the outdoor venue of their dreams and are planning on a full day of big celebration with all their favorite folks around.

Package Options:

Laura & Devon Shooting 10hrs - $3800
Laura & Devon Shooting 8hrs - $3000


Who It's For:
Couples looking for beautiful portraits together in the great outdoors, whether it be for your engagement, anniversary, honeymoon, vow renewal, or just for the heck of it.

Package Options
Laura & Devon shooting for 2hrs - $800
Laura & Devon shooting for 1hrs - $400