Snowy Winter Leavenworth Lake Elopement

One of my very favorite elopements from this year was Amber & Andrew's elopement day, which we planned in about 2.5 weeks! They got in touch & wanted to elope sometime very soon, and all they told me they were really hoping for was snow, adventure, and that their puppy could come with them, because a wedding without her present wouldn't feel real at all. Luckily, the weather gladly cooperated and despite the November typical forecast of cold, rainy skies, it dumped almost 6 inches of snow the night before their elopement in Leavenworth!! Which was beautiful, but also incredibly exciting because winter elopements are always such a treat! Devon and I spent the morning walking around enjoying the fresh snow & headed over to meet them at their rental cabin. They got ready together, played with their dog in the snow, and their two good friends arrived to officiate the ceremony.

We drove out to the beautiful Lake Wenatchee, which is one of my favorite locations, where they said their vows & had a beautiful, short and sweet ceremony with the stunning mountains behind them, followed by a picnic by the lake (albeit a very cold one!) The dogs had a fabulous time running around in the snow and splashing in the lake, and once we were all tuckered out & ready for some warmth, we bundled back into the cars and headed back towards the cabin, with a few stops along the way for more photos of course. Once back at the cabin, Andrew started a fire, their friends whipped up some delicious cocktails, and they cut their cake and enjoyed the rest of the evening with good friends & fresh oysters.

It was a day that was supremely focused on what they enjoyed, what they wanted, and not doing something for the photos or because it was "wedding tradition", and it made for one of the best elopement days!

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