Spooky Backyard Wedding in Spokane, Washington

Karleen and Seth were not going to have your typical wedding. I knew it from the moment I saw Karleen's bright, amazing ombre blue hair when I met them at the Spokane bridal fair. I literally shouted at her "I LOVE YOUR HAIR" (I am *so* smooth) and something must have stuck because exactly a year later, they came back to the fair engaged, remembered us, and wanted to book us as their wedding photographers.

They're a quirky pair, and I LOVE that they weren't afraid to embrace who they are and what they're about for their wedding day. It made for the most wonderful and unique celebration. They held their ceremony and reception in the backyard of their home, which they'd spent months landscaping and making into a stellar garden space, complete with a mini greenhouse they installed and a driftwood arch that they made themselves. Karleen rocked a black wedding dress (hell yeah!) that went with their tad bit morbid, spooky, witchy theme. They were actually planning to get married on Halloween, but they were worried the weather would be too cold for their guests.

The decor featured the world's COOLEST skull wedding cake made by their insanely talented friend, a bunch of amazing crystal jewelry, an obligatory appearance of their friendly pet snake, their little black cat, plenty of moody candles and of course, some really rad carved skulls.

They stopped to hug each of their kiddos before exiting their ceremony to a song all about burritos (I told ya these two are quirky). We all cozied up with some delicious mexican food for dinner and a relaxed evening. Karleen is a member of the roller derby group here in Spokane, so all her derby gals brought their skates and we took a few photos (and met one of our brides for this year there too!) Roller derby sounds like the world's coolest sport and I feel like someday I'm gonna get around to joining these bad ass babes on the rink. As the sun went down, they danced and ate plenty of tacos, hung out by the fire pit, and someone went on a restock run to the local grocery store for more beer. It was so relaxed, so utterly true to them and what they love and their community. I love it when couples let go of the wedding "rules" and just follow what they wanna do! It makes for the best celebrations.

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