How to Throw Your Dream Wedding

Hello my newly engaged friends! Just starting your wedding planning adventures & wondering the #1 thing you can do to ensure the wedding of your dreams? Nope, it's not a budget or a wedding vision (though you should have both). It's way easier than that.

Here it is, my friends: Don’t get married on a Saturday. Or, don't get married in the summer! 

What? Laura, seriously that’s the number 1 thing? Hear me out.

Unless you’re planning on a 14-18 month long engagement, there is a very strong chance that your dream vendor is already booked for that June, July, August, or September Saturday that looks so aesthetically convenient on your calendar. It’s because you & about a thousand other sweet couples all saw it & thought “Yeah, that seems like a good date!” Because it happens, to all vendors, every year, all the time. If I had to guess, I would say close to 50 times a year we receive a wonderful inquiry for a Saturday date that we’re already booked for. 

Particularly here in the PNW, when those warm weather months are all crammed between June & October, everyone gets married in about a 5 month period, and Saturdays book out like crazy. 

So if you’ve got a list of dream vendors & a vision: Get married on a Friday. Or a Sunday, or even a Thursday, or a Monday! You’ll have a much higher rate of success booking the vendors that you really want, you won’t be settling for second fiddle, and as a bonus, all of your vendors will love you for it.

P.S. still have your heart set on a Saturday wedding? Ask your dream vendors what Saturday dates they still have available first, then go set a date! 😉 Or, you can opt for a kick ass winter wedding. 

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