Waterfall Adventure Wedding Session, Oregon

This is part two of the awesome, destination wedding we shot in Oregon! You can find part one here. After a long night of partying and good times, everyone got some quality zzzs and then we strapped on our hiking boots & headed out to the remote logging roads of the Oregon forest to chase some waterfalls for Cassy & Viva's day-after session! They wanted some epic waterfall wedding photos to capture the scenery of the PNW while they were here for their destination wedding, and these gorgeous falls nestled in old growth forest absolutely fit the bill.

After a lot of winding, gravel forestry roads, we finally arrived at the quiet trailhead to this beautiful set of waterfalls. The mosquitoes were out in FULL force, but luckily we had enough bug spray to keep them at bay. We clambered around huge mossy boulders and fallen logs and admired the gorgeous waterfall before popping some champagne to celebrate, wading into the creek, and finally heading back to the car, happy & exhausted.

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