The most common thing we hear from couples is "We're really awkward in front of the camera!" which, for starters, is totally understandable and a completely normal thing to feel, but also absolutely untrue. We get it, though. *We* feel very weird in front of the camera and it's what we do for a living! Unless you spend your life modeling, being photographed is a strange experience. It's totally ok to feel awkward and nervous and suddenly wonder if you look weird when you kiss. (for the record, all people look a little weird when they kiss, but don't worry about it)

Here's What We Want You to Know:

Try not worry too much about how you look.

Especially if you are worried about appearing perfect, it will be hard to loosen up and really enjoy the moment! For our time together: it's your job to have fun with your favorite person, and our job to make you look good while it's happening. 😉 We're here to document what your love story is all about, and most of that has little to do with how you look and everything to do with who you are. So take a deep breath, close all those Pinterest beauty tutorials, and remember that you look amazing.

Be prepared to move!

We love to capture our couples doing cool stuff together, so bring a good pair of shoes & clothes that you can move in! If your dress isn't dirty by the end of things, you haven't had enough fun. We may scramble up some rocks, hike a trail, splash around in a lake, lie in some moss, run, spin, twirl, and laugh (a lot). If you have anything that limits you from moving, like an injury or a disability, please let us know! We photograph all sorts of folks in all sorts of places, and we never want people to do more than they're comfortable with.

Treat the weather as part of the adventure. 

Our gear is pretty darn weather-proof, and we love seeing the PNW in any mood, cloudy, rainy, or snowy. We've shot sessions in almost any kind of weather and we always have a blast, so unless there is any sort of danger in the forecast (avalanches, lightning, etc.), we'll most likely just forge ahead and have some fun getting soaked.

Don't feel like you always have to be staring at the camera

Or giving us your best yearbook smile. We live for the candid stuff! For the most part, you can feel free to ignore our cameras and just hang out. We try to give folks a lot of action-based prompts & keep things moving so that you're not just smizing into the lens the whole time.

It's okay if you're an introvert.

While a lot of photographers give their clients emotional prompts or ask personal questions in order to get good "moments," we've always found that approach a little off-putting. We're pretty private people, and we would feel so awkward if someone we didn't know was asking us about the most intimate moments of our relationship, while also photographing our responses. (Yikes. I have anxiety just typing that.) As fellow introverts, we get it. You are always welcome to keep your secrets to yourself, and you can talk as little or as much as you like. We've found that when we hang back & make an environment where folks feel comfortable being themselves, we get plenty of good moments as they happen on their own, no prying prompts necessary.

If you have any questions, confusions, concerns, or simply want to bounce ideas off of someone, feel free to message us. We’re happy to help find whatever the most kick-ass version of photos looks like to you, and we can't wait for your photo adventures with us!


Laura & Devon