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 OK guys. Ready to read my really long, glaringly honest thoughts about how pretty, effortless looking stuff you see on Instagram is hardly effortless and in fact really actually very hard??? Because while it would be really easy to post this and pretend that it all went flawlessly and the whole thing is so effortless because I’m so cool and effortless, a) that wouldn’t fool anyone because I’m neither effortless nor very cool and b) it wouldn’t be honest, and it’s important to recognize growth and imperfect things because that’s what 99% of life is about. SO. Go grab a drink and settle in. This is a long one.


We actually put this shoot together last spring, but because I spent so much of the summer submitting it for publication (it was eventually published on pnwedding), I actually never blogged the darn thing. To be honest, I was sick of thinking about it, sick of trying to get it published, and whenever I looked at this shoot, I was always a little disappointed. UNTIL NOW.  Once my head was clear of the pressure to get this shoot published, I could really just leave it be for a few months, which I did. For almost a year, actually. I finally came back to this shoot after a whole year’s worth of shooting under my belt, and with fresh eyes and more perspective. I decided to completely trash the edits I had done the first time, because I hated them (then and now) and just edit these how I wanted to, and I’m so glad I did. It gave me such a fresh perspective and appreciation for this crazy, beautiful shoot and how it helped me grow.


So back story time: this shoot was my first big styled shoot and HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS, organizing, producing, and then shooting a styled session like this in the middle of nowhere is crazy hard and nobody told me that and it looked really easy on the internet, so I’m telling you, because you should know. It was *nuts*. The level of coordinating, substituting, improvising, last-minute-plan-changing-just-gotta-roll-with-it-ing was pretty much hell for a super plan-it-all-months-in-advance kind of person like me. I won’t bore you with the whole story here, but to summarize: it was frustrating and hard, and it was good for me. It reminded me that no matter how much you plan something, sometimes the whole plan goes to hell. And really, my job is to roll with it. Not to freak out, blame, try to control the uncontrollable, or salvage the plan. My job is to try my best, and most importantly: ditch my preconceived expectations and work with what’s in front of me.


I’ve loved this location for years and always wanted to shoot here. The desert of central Washington is one of those wonderful, huge, hot, dry, baking sun kind of places that I love. So I planned this whole shoot around sunny weather and summer vibes. And on the day of, we got stuck with a flat, overcast sky (ew) and a thunderstorm. On the drive home, I was panicking, thinking, “This whole shoot is ruined, everything went wrong, time to become a hermit and never try this again” and I was blaming myself for stuff that was super out of my control (like say…the weather?)


And yes, I was sort of right. It definitely wasn’t the shoot I had spent months planning, but I’m really damn proud of it, and it turned out to be its own kind of awesome anyways. So here it is, in all its imperfect, messy, awesome, glory and I hope you love it as much as I do. 


Florals: Fleurtations Floral

Rentals: Artifact Rentals

Macrame: Sage and Moss

Cake: Sweets Geeky Cakes

Hair: Heather Hair and Bridal Stylist

Makeup: Shaini Rae Makeup

Flatware & Ring: Pearl and Tin