Winter Adventures in Snoqualmie Pass, WA

It’s been a little over a month since our move to Seattle, and we’ve been busy! Even though it’s winter & a lot of our favorite mountain destinations are inaccessible, there’s a bunch of places we’ve been wanting to visit for years we’ve been able to get to!! Since Snoqualmie Pass is less than an hour away and one of our favorite places, we’ve been spending a lot of our free weekends there lately. We had a chance to see a frozen Franklin Falls for the first time (highly recommend you invest in some microspikes before attempting that one, that icy trail is no joke) We somehow have managed to drive through Snoqualmie Pass for years without ever stopping at Gold Creek Pond, so we remedied that for sure! Though very popular, the frozen sunset glow across the mountains is worth sharing with a few (dozen) people.

Winter at Franklin Falls by Forthright Photo, PNW and Snoqualmie Pass Wedding Photographers Mountains in Snoqualmie Pass by Forthright Photo, Seattle Wedding Photographers Winter at Gold Creek Pond by Forthright Photo, Seattle and Snoqualmie Pass Wedding Photographers

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