Winter Artist Point Newlywed Adventure Session

These two got married in Hawaii in a small, intimate ceremony, but since their beloved dog Mozart wasn't able to come with, and since they live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, they got in touch with us & asked if we could do a wedding session with them here in WA! Which obviously, I said HELL YES. Snow, weddings, and dogs are three of my all time favorite things. So we made plans to meet up at probably the best winter-time spot of all, the Mt Baker Ski Area! We tromped through the deep snow out to incredible views and clear skies. They changed into their wedding clothes for a few photos with Mozart amidst the snowy wonderland, and wanted some more casual photos for memory's sake too. It was a great time, and I love the idea of capturing that newlywed feeling in your home town (and getting an excuse to wear those fancy clothes again!) Mozart was the handsomest fluffy boy out on the trail with his little bowtie, and he was so ecstatic to be completely surrounded by snow and other dogs to play with (I got tackled into some big snowdrifts a couple of times by this fluffy bundle of joy, and it absolutely made my week). It was a beautiful day out on the mountain, and I'm so happy they got some incredible images to remember this special time by!

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