Winter Wonderland Styled Engagement

Ok, this shoot is actually from *last* December. It was a few months before I decided to go entirely full time with this weird-hobby-turned-obsession-turned-career dream of mine of being a photographer. I had an idea to do some beautiful snow/winter wonderland shoots, since we had an amazing month or so with straight snowy awesomeness here in Spokane. Rachel (the actual woodland nymph/amazing model) found this gorgeous velvet dress on Amazon, and I found a great Wtoo blush pink dress on stupid crazy clearance at a thrift store, and we decided to go ahead and shoot something fun! This shoot was originally featured on Apple Brides, however, when I was migrating all of my old blog posts over to the new site, this one somehow got deleted, which was a bit of a bummer. But, it was a great excuse to go back and revisit this shoot and give it my current editing treatment! I had so much fun with these two in the snow and they were such good champs, even though it was 14 degrees outside and it was so frickin early in the morning and they were so, so cold! I'm so grateful for the places the shoot took me in this first year of doing photography full time and the absolute blast I had doing it. 


Florals by the awesome, magical team at Rose and Blossom, who took my weird, crazy, newbie dream and totally ran with it. That bouquet was frigging AMAZING. 

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