Zion National Park Roadtrip

It's finally here, almost 6 months later: the blog for our Zion roadtrip! Throughout all of 2020, we stayed close to home. In November, we had just finished the marathon sprint that was rescheduling, replanning, booking, shooting, editing, and pivoting about 60 billion times for all the elopements and weddings we shot during the pandemic. It was, needless to say, a very intense year, and we both desperately needed some time away. So, we packed up our subaru with everything we needed to last a week off the grid, and roadtripped down to Zion, stopping in as few and least populated places we could. It was tricky avoiding all the possible ways we could be exposed to covid (or spread it others unknowingly), but I'm really proud of how well we did. We got tested after we returned and all went well! The trip itself was a much needed respite, and seeing the desert on the verge on winter was so beautiful. Instead of dealing with crowded buses in Zion, we opted to rent bikes & bike in along the road instead! It was an incredible way to see the canyon, much safer, and just much more pleasant in general. The shuttles are perfectly okay for a regular year, but if you can, I highly recommend biking in at least once. We explored a lot this trip on the eastern side of the park, which sees far fewer visitors and has more challenging back-country routes and travel. We found some incredible slot canyons, scrambles, overlooks, and just weird, interesting rock sculptures that were such an incredible different scene than the huge cliffs of Zion Canyon! We also did quite a bit of hiking inside the canyon proper though, don't worry. 😉 We spent our evenings cuddled up looking at the stars from our BLM campsite, using our cozy camp blanket to stay warm.

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