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(of a person or their manner or speech) direct and outspoken; straightforward and honest.

synonyms: frank, candid, open, honest, sincere, outspoken, no-nonsense, to the point; informal, upfront.


Our Philosophy

moments > perfection

We believe in people over things, always. We believe wholeheartedly in the importance of the in-betweens, the undone, and the unaffected. We believe a day spent adventuring out of doors is never wasted. We believe in the power of stories to radically shape, enlarge, and empower the world around us. Our mission is to live up to our name: honest and down to earth.

The wilderness is in our bones, and exploring together is our love language. Nature and wild spaces fill & inspire all of our work. We love photographing & adventuring with people who feel just the same.

We're more about being wallflowers than stage managers, but we'll give you enough direction that you'll never feel lost or confused. We might step in and fix your hair, take a hike together, tell you some nerdy nature facts, and hopefully, make you laugh a lot.

Does that sound like something you'd love? Sweet. Us too.

Laura & Devon

the Photographers

We're Laura & Devon, sweethearts and life-long dorky introverts living in the PNW. We met in high-school and have been together ever since. We love coffee, classic sci-fi, snarky jokes, pasta, and our four pets. We are happiest when admiring the ocean or driving through the mountains. We own way too many books and never have enough reading time. We're all about finding new places and scheming up our next road trip.

We're drawn to adventure, honesty, and to all things timeless, honest, & windswept. We've been photographing weddings together for the past 8 years, and we strive to emphasize authentic connections and capture a bit of the intangible beauty of the wilderness for each of our clients. We love working with folks who love laughter, the outdoors, and whose definition of a good time includes dogs, dusty shoes, and a great dance party.

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