Don't worry, we'll go over every detail together during our one on one meeting, but first, here's a birds-eye view of how this whole thing works, and what to expect from the experience.

you'll enjoy working with us if you:

Have a love for the outdoors!

We can go as many or as few miles as you want together for your wedding or elopement day! We can hike, kayak, bike, backpack, horseback-ride, snowshoe, off get the idea. The sky is your limit, and we're willing to wander anywhere you want to go.

Are still trying to figure out your plans

Frequently, our couples have little to no idea of where or how they want to adventure at the time they begin working with us. And that's totally okay! We'll help you find an incredible place to say your vows and give you lots of help and advice along the way.

Know exactly when, where, and how you want to get married

Hey you planners out there, I see you. Already got a date, a plan, a location, and a vision board? Game on, let's do this thing! We'll go anywhere, and we'll give you insider info on the best ways to pull off the amazing vision you have.

The Road Map

How we go about planning & capturing your epic celebrations!

Sign your contract, and pay your deposit to secure your date! After booking, you'll receive access to tons of helpful client-only resources and guides.

You show up & have the time of your life. We bring some snacks and take some amazing photos.

We'll have a call where we get to know you, go over all the ideas and inspiration for your big day, and answer any questions you've got.

We'll work on finding a location together, and help you build a timeline to nail down all the finishing touches for your epic adventure about 2 months out.

Black and white sketch of a mountain with a boat in the foreground.
Bride and groom kissing at sunset on Shi Shi beach for their elopement. Image by Forthright Photo

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What About...?

the answers to all our frequently asked questions

What about the weather? Will you reschedule if it rains?

We love the PNW in all her moods! The weather here is rather famously unpredictable, and we highly encourage folks to find the fun and adventure in any weather for their session. Our gear is pretty darn weather-proof, so unless there's hazardous weather, we'll be embracing the rain & having some fun! If you have your heart set on a certain type of weather for your session, please let us know! We're happy to talk with you about it and see what we can do.

If there is severe, hazardous, or dangerous weather (i.e. blizzard, avalanche, lightning storms, or wildfires) in your preferred location, we'll head to a back-up location with better weather. If there's severe weather throughout an entire region, then we'll look into rescheduling, but it's a pretty rare occurrence.

Will you help us pick a location?

Of course! We love helping folks find new places to explore, and we've got tons of amazing locations up our sleeves! We can help you pick out an amazing location. Once you're booked, we'll send you a short questionnaire asking about your location preferences (what type of scenery you'd like to have, how much hiking you want to do, etc.)

Then we'll work up a short list of location favorites just for you that fit with your plans and goals for the day.

Of course, if you already know exactly where you want to go or have someplace in mind but need help nailing down the details, that's great too.

How do the hours work in your packages? What about hiking time?

We love to hike, and we love exploring with the folks! For that reason, we don't charge for hiking time or general travel within WA State. This means we can head almost anywhere you want! The "hours" for each package are the hours we spend photographing, and not the time we spend getting to the destination with you!

If you're hoping to have us accompany you on a longer, overnight trip, like say a backpacking elopement or multi-day wedding, we would love that!

For larger weddings and full day packages, our coverage is typically continuous from the time we arrive to when we leave at end of the night. However, if you're planning a wedding where there will be an extended break between events, please let us know!

What if we are awkward in photos?

No joke, we hear this statement from every single couple. It's a near-universal feeling to be kinda nervous or apprehensive about being photographed! Feeling awkard when the camera is pointed towards you is 1000% a totally normal human experience! So, take a deep breath, you're not alone.

It's your job to get married and have fun, and it's our job to make you look good! We try our very hardest to make being photographed as fun, painless, and unpretentious as we can.

Our best advice for getting sure-fire amazing photos out of your experience is to try not to worry too much! Take some deep breaths, focus on the moment, focus on your partner, and focus on having a damn blast. You'll look amazing, we promise.

How many photos will we get? How are they delivered?

It all depends on a few things, including which package you book, but in general, we deliver around 600-1000 images for a wedding, and around 100-250 images for an adventure session. Most are delivered in black and white as well as color, with a few exceptions for odd lighting and personal taste. You'll receive a link to your gallery via email. From your gallery, you'll be able to download your photos in full resolution, as well as web size, and share with family and friends.

Do you travel out of state?

HELL yeah we do! We love to travel! You can see our past adventures in the greater West and view our upcoming travel dates and get more information about our travel rates by clicking the link below.

Travel Rates & Info

What is your turn-around time?

Our turn around time varies depending on the time of year! Our fastest is usually in the spring, at around 3-5 weeks, with our slowest in the fall, at around 8-10 weeks. Regardless of where our turnaround time is at, we always give folks some sneak peeks images of their day! You can count on receiving a few edited, sneak peak images within 3 days of your session with us.

Do you require a deposit to book?

Yes! In order to book, we require a confirmed date, a signed contract and a 30% deposit of your total package price. The remaining balance on your invoice can be paid in lump sum or in installments, at whatever pace works best for you. We try to keep our system flexible for folks, so if you need to chat about a different payment plan, please reach out to us directly.

Do we have to hike for our photos?

Not if you don't want to! Although we really love hiking and the majority of our couples will do at least a short distance with us, we firmly believe the outdoors is for everyone. If hiking just isn't your thing, or if you have different accessibility needs, there are lots of beautiful places that do not require hiking to access.

We also love to explore with our couples using different ways to recreate in the outdoors! You can kayak, bike, helicopter, snowmobile, horseback ride, 4x4… you get the idea. As long as the outdoors are in the mix, we're happy to come along!

Can you be our elopement officiant or witness?

Absolutely, we'd be happy to! While we won't be able to offer the same level of officiating as someone who specializes in that area, we are ordained through the Universal Life Church, and conduct the legally required bits of your ceremony if you'd like. We're also happy to sign as witnesses on your marriage certificate if needed. Please reach out to chat with us directly if you've got more questions about the legal paperwork side of eloping.

Do you shoot traditional weddings?

Yes! We created our adventure wedding package specifically for the folks who are holding a larger, more traditional wedding with lots of guests and more events, but still want the epic photos and outdoor experience of an elopement day. They are a great option if you feel like you kind of want both a regular wedding and an elopement, or if you're a couple who really loves the outdoors, but don't want to give up on holding a large celebration with friends and family. You can click the link below to learn more about how they work.

We do not book 100+ guest weddings unless they are booked under the Adventure Weddings package.
Adventure Wedding Info

What if we have to cancel or postpone due to covid?

Welp, time to face it: the pandemic isn't going anywhere. We've rescheduled dozens of weddings over the past two years, and our policy has been and will continue to be that we do NOT charge for rescheduling your wedding, elopement, or adventure session due to covid lockdowns, regulations, covid exposure, or covid related safety concerns. We will work with you to find a new date for your celebration.

We strongly encourage all couples planning weddings with guests in attendance to have a covid back-up plan in place and discuss it with your vendors early and often. 🙂

Can you photoshop us to look better?

We do not photoshop or digitally alter anyone's innate appearance, ever. We take our commitment to documenting your story authentically and honestly very seriously. We believe your photos should represent the moment as it was and that includes what you looked like, with all your wonderful flaws and imperfectly perfect expressions.

That being said, on occassion we will remove distracting or temporary things in an image (like say, you had a bad breakout of acne on your chin the night before, or your mom's hair stood straight up in the wind during the family photo, or there was a distracting hiker in the background next to your ceremony).

However, we will not alter anyone's appearance, dress size, skin tone, body, or anything that was a part of the day as it happened.

who we are and what we stand for

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It’s easy in the planning of your ceremony and the logistics and the scenery to forget about the food, but don’t! Every happy marriage is based in snacks (at least we think so).

When we’re helping couples plan their elopement, I always tell them to think of their elopement like an awesome date that lasts all day, and to incorporate all the fun activities that they love doing together.

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