Fun Elopement Day Activity Ideas

One of the first questions we get from couples who are planning an elopement (or an intimate wedding or a micro-wedding or whatever you wanna call it) is: Can we add on X activity to our day? Is that normal? Can you do that at an elopement? To which our answer is, as always: THERE ARE NO RULES! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! Because that's our perennial rule of wedding planning. But thinking of elopement activity ideas can feel a bit overwhelming. If you're wondering where to start, or to do after your ceremony to round out your incredible elopement day, here's a big huge list of all our favorite elopement activity ideas for you, your boo, (and your loved ones, if they're coming along) can do on your elopement day! You can do these before, after, or during your ceremony, the sky is your limit here.

Incorporate an outdoor activity you love to do together!

This is a big one. While many of our couples choose to include hiking into their elopement (our fav), there's tons of amazing outdoor activities and you can jam pack your day with as many as you want! Rock climbing, canyoneering, kayaking, canoeing, roller blading, skiing, snowmobiling, zip-lining, spelunking, biking, horse back riding, off roading, four-wheeling, there are so. many. options!

Go for a Swim (wedding clothes optional)

Run into the ocean! Or stand underneath a big waterfall! Jump in a lake, puddles, or a swimming pool! Out of all the elopement day activities, this is always a favorite. Nothing says just married like getting soaked and having absolutely no cares in the world.

Pack a Picnic

Literally everybody loves picnics! You can bring an awesome charcuterie spread, or any kind of your favorite picnic foods.

Cook Together

For lots of couples, cooking together is a big source of quality time, so you can make a meal together on your wedding day! You can take this chance to tackle a new recipe together, or make a crowd favorite that you've enjoyed many times already.

Make It a Bonfire

If you're in an area that allows for campfires, make a bonfire! Everyone loves s'mores & campfire stories. Make sure there are no fire bans in the area & you fully extinguish the fire before the end of the night. 😉

Stay Up Late & Stargaze

There's some awesome apps that will show the constellations, planets, galaxies, and their names. Particularly in the backcountry, light pollution is usually at a minimum and you can see the night sky in incredible detail. If you have a fancy telescope or can borrow one from a friend, that's always a plus too!

Get Out onto the Water

If you're eloping in the summer, some great ideas are tubing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, jet-skis, boating, or you can just get one of those obnoxiously oversized pool floaties and chillax in a mountain lake, whatever floats your boat (Sorry, we had to).

Get Outdoors in the Winter

For winter and cold weather elopements, a great idea is to go snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or maybe just build a snowman and have a dope snowball fight, that works too.

Create Art Together

It's your wedding day, and that's some pretty great inspiration. You can take some time in the day to paint, watercolor, or draw together. Maybe play around with a new artistic medium, or try an entirely new craft together!

Make Some Music

If you're more musically minded, you can set aside some time to make or play some music for your new spouse.

Go on a Helicopter Tour

An amazing option if you also wanna do a helicopter ride to a gorgeous ceremony location without the hiking required, or if you just wanna see the sights and soak in some scenery in a new way.

Have a Dance Partyyyy

whether it's just the two of you or with a small group, you can never go wrong with some dancing in our opinion.

Light Sparklers

Bring some sparklers & spread some cheer (as long as there are no fire restrictions, obviously) for your first dance, or literally any reason.

Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

You can plan time for a video chat or phone call with the family, if they're far away on your wedding day. Some couples will choose to record a video for their friends and family on their cell phones if they're out of cell service (we'll happily lend a hand if you need someone to help record).

Head to Your Favorite Dive Bar

or drive-in after your ceremony to celebrate in cozy, comfortable style. We have some favorite hole-in-the-wall delicious favorites in basically every mountain town in Washington at this point, so reach out if you need help finding a place!

Pop Some Champagne

A victory toast is always a good idea. This is one of my favorite elopement activities, obviously for the photo op, but also because when else in your life to you get to spray champagne everywhere and have a ball doing it?

Have a First Dance

There's something so special about two people, dancing to their favorite song, out in the most beautiful place, just totally encapsulated in the music and the beautiful scenery and each other. It's so beautiful and one of my favorite parts of any elopement day. (yes I'll probably cry, it's fine).

P.S. Don't forget about the food!!

Now that you have a good idea of what elopement activities you can include into your day, we have a whole article of awesome options for couples who are curious what their options are when it comes to elopement day food. Because a good marriage is 72% snacks, right??

Giant Master List of Elopement Activity Ideas:

Fun Elopement Activities & Other Ideas to Round Out Your Adventure Wedding Day. Image by Forthright Photo.

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